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Vectors of relativity 
170CM X 90CM art canvas.🎨
A very interesting and inspiring process of creating ... mathematical analysis of space and the relativity of time and the possibility of being and stopping it.
The ability to live here and now and appreciate each moment.
Love and joy will keep beautiful moments for longer.💝🎨
The subject of work is time and its vectors of relativity. A bit related to what affects us today and none of us predict and can not turn back time, but we can only improve it in the present.

Hand-made frame and self-stretching linen canvas on the frame , painted with acrylic paints for abstraction and modern art, ink splashes and metallic decorative paint. The use of mixed media will help to create a convex part of a broken clock.

Clock decorated with golden leaves - gold is a symbol of prosperity and the introduction of a better life.

Vectors of relativity

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