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 "Technology of the 21st century" was created on canvs 50cmx40cm, Acrylic +texture and mixed media- metalic paint .This painting, created in my head, is born slowly and for weeks it has been adjusting the elements, observation and to the harsh information as well as the non-logical change of our world.After 2 months I graduate, despite the fact that I am, an optimistic, happy man and I live in my own magical world. But the clashes of reality bring shock, and the artistic soul emanates a drop of emotions in the picture.


I cannot always create optimistic works, as an artist I express emotions in the simplest way I can, my painting. When I heard new versions of fairy tales for children, keeping a distance and wearing a mask - I broke at the thought of a bad wolf .... And this is how this sad image .....What times we have, such is our art 🎨

I finished this painting and now I'm back to celebrate all the magical and wonderful moments of my life  with my surroundings.

Technology of the 21st century

320,00 € Standardpreis
208,00 €Sale-Preis
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