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Amazing combination in this art - black, blue, white, silver and finally decoration by adding gold leaves .

Original texture painting on canvas 75cmx50cm used- acrylic and oil paint, gesso and metalic paint .

Painting started in 2019 and finished in 2020, I am very delighted with the final effect of this painting.

The vision of a woman surrounded by the aura of nature of fog and trees, emerges in gold to survive and be eternally strong. Original painting in a beautiful handmade wooden frame, painted and decorated with golden leaves and varnished.
A show of strength, wealth and survival.


Painting inspired by life - when I was very cold, I felt bad and waited for my healthy recovery, I was watching various movies . That's how an idea started to appear in my head that started to develop in terms of surface and color.

Glad I managed to get everything out of my imagination mapped in the picture .

Survive -  never give up - in this way, we recover and again find our gold path of life.


Presented for the first time at the Carlow Library in February 2020


Certificate of Authenticity

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