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STOP - To stop for a moment in the frenzy of pandemics and winter views, I need space and everyday charm. A walk on the frozen lake and pieces of ice and the view of empty and closed premises and my beloved gallery. Sorrow that turns into hope and a search for inspiration. Inspirational music and emotions explode on the canvas and with the help of a brush, a painter's knife and my imagination I arrange this disorder into one whole. It is a beautiful combination of colors in an abstract painting made with acrylic paints and mixed technique. The size canvas  is150cmx90cm. Vigorous strokes with a brush and paint knife. Painted in January 2021 during the next lockdown in Ireland in my home studio. It reflects the need for time, stopping and getting as much good energy as possible from nature, rejecting what does not serve us. A beautiful decoration of minimalist rooms, restaurants and hotels. The promotional sale price applies only to the soft canvas that can be rolled for shipping.


1.350,00 € Standardpreis
945,00 €Sale-Preis
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