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Abstract art on canvas 60cmx60cm 

Painting in energetic colors - orange, green, red and many more.
Words that came to my mind during the creative process:


You stop and listen
Silence - the pure surface of nothingness.
You feel - a whiff of incoming energy
And suddenly you know! Nothingness disappears
Here comes music, colour, and dance.
You're starting to be!
You are at the centre of yourself in this amazing event!
You are in the event.
You celebrate the love that surrounds you all around.
You hear the sounds, the wind, you are just here and now
You dance - in the space of your imagination and you feel your heartbeat.
Just be in the center of your event in the feeling of love and joy, surround yourself with light and colour.
You're alive! You are here! Gratitude !



In the Event

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