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Artist's brain - It may seem at least strange and unusual painting.But I've always been fascinated by the human mind, let alone the artistic mind.The brain is a part of our perception of the world and ourselves. I consider this painting to be terapeltic and with the possibility of opening up to more.

Inspiration: I had a strange dream in which it was just brain in a pot with eyes and next to it was a spoon - something to mixed thoughts?

A few days later I read my favorite book written by Julia Cameron - she described about crative mind - quote: "I like to present my mind as a room in which we keep all our imaginations about life. And what is possible and what is not ...... in a dazzling light a multitude of new ideas stick together, which we consider too bold so we will not let them go. 

I decided to let go of my dream and think my brain to create this painting. I hope that there will be inspiration for you to unlock your inner artist and go boldly in your own life.

The original acrylic painting with a convex surface on

canvas 61x46cm from 2020  is now available without a frame.


Artist's brain

580,00 €Preis
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